Lifted Anchors is a brand and a state of mind. With inspiration slapped on our backs, we’ve set off to push these wise words we live by… By lifting it’s anchor, a ship is capable to move forward and reach it’s destination without anything weighing it down. We are the captain of our dreams, it’s up to us to direct and sail them into reality. Livin’ life with the forward progression, the never idle, and the always movin attitude that allows us to overcome anything.
These stingray joints are crazy! Here’s another sneak peak..
Feel this. Another preview of the ink tees. Exclusive shit..
The TGA Jersey #liftedanchors #thegreatabyss
The “team series” sneak peak pt 3 of 3. super smooth. #thegreatabyss #liftedanchors
The “Team Series” Jersey sneak peak Pt 2 of 3
"In Los Angeles, everyone is a star"
Ink’d Up #thegreatabyss #liftedanchors
The “Team Series” sneak peak part 1 of 3 #thegreatabyss #liftedanchors
Stingrays are cartilaginous fishes related to sharks. They are the underwater flyers who hide under their own unique blend of camouflage. Armed with barbed stings on its tails, stingrays are a symbol of confidence and a symbol of being prepared. Stingrays are usually very curious and are known to brush their fins past any new object they encounter. This reminds us to not be scared of new things and to never fear what we do not know - The stingray tee, coming soon. #thegreatabyss #liftedanchors #tga by #la
The Hammerhead Shark - Speed, Strength, Power, Tenacity #liftedanchors #thegreatabyss
The Octopus – The mysteries of the untamed sea contribute to the sense of mystery that surrounds this eight tentacled creature. The octopus’ ability to disengage a limb when under attack earns it the right to stand as a symbol of “jettisoning excess baggage” from our lives.. #theINKtee #comingsoon #thegreatabyss #liftedanchors #tga by #la
Sneak Peak Pt. 1
We present to you.. The Great Abyss by Lifted Anchors. #liftedanchors #thegreatabyss #tga by #la #comingsoon
Another shipment in.. time to prep, package and grind thru the rest of the long process it takes to get everything lookin’ nice for yall! #liftedanchors #thegreatabyss #tga by #la #teamnosleep